New HBO Show “Newsroom” has me hooked…

Sorkin, creator of the idealistic White House drama “The West Wing” and the award-winning screenplay writer of Facebook movie “The Social Network,” also told journalists that the next episode of “Newsroom” will deal with the capture and killing by U.S. forces in 2011 of Osama bin Laden.


 “Newsroom” has been one of the most talked about new shows on U.S. television since its debut on HBO in June, with critics and fans divided over its utopian portrait of what TV news could be and its portrayal of news reporters.


Sorkin’s use of recent news events, including the 2011 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear reactor meltdown, and the shooting of U.S. Representative Gabby Giffords, has offended many journalists because he appears to be critical of reporting and errors made while reporting breaking news.


 “I didn’t want to make up fake news. I didn’t feel we would be able to relate to fake news,” Sorkin said. But he added, “I didn’t do it so I could leverage hindsight, so I could make our characters smarter.”

Sorkin stands by Newsroom, denies firing writing staff | Reuters

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