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Stairway to 7-11 (Stairway to Heaven Parody) Funny

OMG Funny

There’s a lady who goes
To the store that won’t close
And she’s shopping at 7 Eleven

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What Were They Thinking?

From the What were they thinking? Files…

A Few Pictures that make you go “What???”

Amazing Impersonations

Impressionists are cool, but none cooler than this guy..  He does 105 impressions in less than 6 minutes..

Watch and be amazed.

Here’s the complete list of voices in this video:

105 Impressions:

1. Gollum
2. Smeagol
3. Stewie Griffin
4. Krusty The Clown
5. Squidward
6. Green Goblin
7. Ian Mckellen
8. Gandalf
9. Pee Wee Herman
10. Peter Griffin
11. Daniel Plainview
12. Professor Farnsworth
13. Jack Nicholson
14. Christopher Walken
15. Atlas
16. Donkey
17. Miss Piggy
18. Kermit
19. Joker
20. Shrek

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Why I am Not Going to Be Eaten by a Shark

Recently someone asked me “What’s the worst way you could think of to die?”  My Answer:  To be eaten

I don’t want to be eaten, not by anything.  Living in Florida and sometimes swimming at the beach, one of the ways I could be exposed to this threat would be from a shark…

So just how likely are you to be eaten or killed by a shark attack?

3D-shark-attack-wallpaperNot Very Likely

Put another way, more Americans were killed by collapsing sinkholes (16) than sharks (11) between 1990 and 2006, and more by tornadoes (125) than sharks (6) in Florida between 1985 and 2010. (And for all you “Sharknado” fans, those were shark-free tornadoes.) Continue reading

Steam Fish

Funny thing happened.  I have a picture of a fish I caught as my desktop.  I went to play a game so I started up Steam.  Steam needed to apply an update.  I then realize I am holding a “Steam Fish”


[Video] Humpback Whales Nearly Eat Divers

Kinda reminds me of another video…

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