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Fantastic Baby – Bing Bang

Yeogi buteora, modu moyeora
We gon’ party like, lilililalala~
Mameul yeoreora, meoril biwora
Bureul jjipyeora lilililalala~

Jeongdabeun mutjji malkko geudaero badadeuryeo neukkimdaero ga Alright~
Haneureul majuhago du soneul tta wiro jeo wiro nalttwikko shipeo0~

[G-Dragon] Nanananana nanananana~
Wow Fantastic Baby~

Dance! (Ooh-hoo~) I Wanna Dance Dance Dance Da-Dance [Seungri] Fantastic Baby~
Dance! (Ooh-hoo~) I Wanna Dance Dance Dance Da-Dance [GD] Wow Fantastic Baby~

Continue reading Closes – Was Google the Cause?

Today I went to look at

I found this on their home page: closes

17 years of service, almost half a billion dollars worth of computer products put in the hands of loyal Geeks worldwide, jobs for hundreds of people and support for their family members. That is what meant to us and the people who worked here.

But all good things come to an end.

As of today, Friday, August 2nd, 2013, we are turning off ordering on We will cease to sell and ship products immediately. has always stood behind our products and don’t intend to stop now. Any orders placed will ship. We plan on fulfilling all of our responsibilities, including orders, credits, and we will have a small staff on hand to answer questions, to process returns, and to faithfully honor warranties. Be patient as we will have no phone support.

They went on to say more about why.  I am pretty sure that they are blaming for their demise.  When they said: Continue reading