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Tavares – Blue Rhino Plant Explosion – Social Media Documentary


All to often Social media timelines get buried as time goes by.  We see it as it happens but lose the “big picture” This web page documents the Blue Rhino Plant Explosion in Tavares, FL  on 7/29/13.   This is a collection of imagery and screenshots of posts made before during and after the tragedy, followed by 5 videos of the shocking scene.  All of this was collected from Facebook and YouTube.   If you have images that you think should be included in the slideshow please drop a link in the comments section and I will add them.

This documentary page is to honor those that were injured as well as the incredibly brave first responders. God Bless our Lake County Fire Fighters.


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Why I am Not Going to Be Eaten by a Shark

Recently someone asked me “What’s the worst way you could think of to die?”  My Answer:  To be eaten

I don’t want to be eaten, not by anything.  Living in Florida and sometimes swimming at the beach, one of the ways I could be exposed to this threat would be from a shark…

So just how likely are you to be eaten or killed by a shark attack?

3D-shark-attack-wallpaperNot Very Likely

Put another way, more Americans were killed by collapsing sinkholes (16) than sharks (11) between 1990 and 2006, and more by tornadoes (125) than sharks (6) in Florida between 1985 and 2010. (And for all you “Sharknado” fans, those were shark-free tornadoes.) Continue reading

The prodigal niece returns



Breanna my niece has moved back to her mom’s house.  Today we are having a welcome home get together.  She sure has grown up

Steam Fish

Funny thing happened.  I have a picture of a fish I caught as my desktop.  I went to play a game so I started up Steam.  Steam needed to apply an update.  I then realize I am holding a “Steam Fish”


Mainstream Media Fuels The Zimmerman / Trayvon Controversy

truth_000The mainstream media continues to sensationalize stories to maintain readership / viewership.  Instead of providing a balanced view of news stories they instead have created a firestorm of hate.  Facebook pages like “Justice for Trayvon” are filled with misinformed / under-informed albeit well meaning and understandably outraged people.  This outrage is perpetrated and fueled by the media because they feed sound bites of news and “create” portrayals of those involved to appear exceptionally one-sided.  Who can look at the child-like photos of a younger Trayvon side by side with a mugshot photo of Zimmerman and not immediately be swayed.  Do they place the bloodied photo of Zimmerman next to the self portrait of Trayvon giving “double bird fingers”?  Of course not, that wouldn’t create the emotional reaction of the viewer that these so called news organizations need to get better ratings.  The more sensational the better.  In fact these news organizations would love nothing more than to incite riots so that they can report on those as well.

When will Americans learn that mainstream media has an agenda?  That agenda may just be to create social discord, so there is something more interesting to report on tomorrow….

Now watch the following video – Decide for yourself. Do you have all the information?

Don’t get me wrong, this video is one-sided too (in a different direction).  But blend this information with what you already know and open your eyes to the whole truth.



Please Sign This Important Petition to Make our Roads Safer

Our Roads need to be safer, and this woman is absolutely confident that she has the solution:

Watch / Listen to this :

After you have listened to this obviously passionate plea you can sign a petition on the subject right here:

sign petitionSign Petition

[Video] Humpback Whales Nearly Eat Divers

Kinda reminds me of another video…

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