Update: Will Bruce Colton Act Now? Kaitlyn Hunt violated court orders

– Crimesider – CBS News reported:

Prosecutors say Hunt, 19, contacted the girl almost daily since March 1, a violation that could put her back in jail, according to the paper.  Court documents filed Thursday reportedly allege Hunt and the girl had contact through nearly 20,000 text messages and Facebook.  “The state is in possession of over 25 lewd and lascivious photographs the defendant sent the child victim,” the court motion says, according to the paper.  According to NBC affiliate WPTV, the state attorney’s office says Hunt sent sexually explicit photos, a video and the two even continued to secretly meet.  “The court can basically hold Kaitlyn in pre-trial detention. Basically in jail until this case gets resolved,” Michelle Suskauer, a legal analyst, told WPTV.  The station reports investigators also say Hunt’s mother texted the alleged victim and urged her to delete “everything” so no one would find out the girl and Hunt had spoken. (read the full report)

So the question is will Bruce Colton now actually do his job?

Liar or Coward?  He goes back on his commitment to "Not drop the charges due to public petition"

The bad thing is Bruce was  just about to let this criminal go. Read the Kaitlyn-Hunt-second-plea-offer

It’s absolutely ridiculous that Kaitlyn had to commit more crimes before the state attorney would take any action. Still his action isn’t clear. One can only hope that Bruce Colton will now do his job, the job he should have done in the first place.  His office should prosecute this case in front of a jury.

News Channel 5 Reports:

An emergency hearing is set for Tuesday, Aug. 20th at 1:00 p.m. to determine if Kaitlyn Hunt will remain out of jail.   Judge Robert Pegg will hear a notice of violation of pretrial release conditions for Hunt.  The hearing will happen at the Indian River County Courthouse in Vero Beach according to the clerk.  This is when the State Attorney’s Office and the Defense will go before the judge to discuss the pretrial release conditions and alleged violations.  The state attorney has filed a violation of the conditions because they claim Kaitlyn Hunt has had repeated contact with the victim in the case. (Read The Full Report)

Further it looks like some of the communications from Kaitlyn were in essence Witness tampering.  WPBF.com reported:

“This contact was in the form of electronic messages, actual personal contact and contact through third parties,” according to court papers obtained Thursday by WPBF.com. “The contact was at times intended to obstruct the judicial process and was harmful to the child victim.”  The documents also said the state has collected about 20,000 text messages between the two, “all of which were sent after the defendant was ordered by two circuit judges to have no contact.”  Just days after the story caused a national firestorm in late May, Hunt texted the girl, “Keep the f*** quiet” about the continued texting, according to the court papers. (Read the full report)

If she did tell the victim to “keep the f*** quiet, then she should be brought up on additional charges, and if her mother did in fact tell the victim to “delete everything” then her mother should be brought up on charges too.  However given the behavior of Bruce Colton in the past, Both Kaitlyn and her mother will probably be awarded medals or something more insane.

I can understand where some people are coming from, saying that it’s normal adolescent behavior (to engage in a relationship) between schoolmates.  But there has to be a line.  Our society simply cannot tolerate 18 year olds engaging in sexual activity with 14 year olds.  It has nothing to do with Sexual orientation, it simply has to do with pedophilia.  Where do the supporters of Kaitlyn expect the line to be drawn?  17 year olds with 13 year olds?  16 year olds with 12 year olds? 15 year olds with 11 year olds?  The line is set were it’s set, and Bruce Colton needs to enforce the law.

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